Taco Xpress Taqueria

This was our first trip to Taco Xpress since the big relocation with the pharmacy many years ago. We were very impressed with all of the changes and additional decor. I can see how this place is so Austin eclectic. The restaurant was very well decorated and it has a great feel to it. It’s like your walk into a taco joint in Key West Florida. Everything seemed to slow down a bit and we felt really relaxed. There were a couple of disappointments on our trip but nothing that should stop anyone from visiting Taco Xpress and bringing their friends from out of town for the experience.

The first problem we had was with our drinks. We both love Horchata and try it nearly everywhere we go so naturally, we wanted to try theirs. We were handed empty cups for self service on the Horchata and Agua Frescas dispensers. When we got to the dispensers we realized there was no ice or ice machine available so instead of interrupting the long line to ask for ice we decided to go with it cold out of the dispenser. Who would have thought that the Horchata in the dispenser wasn’t cold. Maybe this is by design but everywhere we have been the Horchata is served ice cold.

The next problem was the food. It came out quick which we appreciated because we were both really hungry but the quality didn’t live up to what the atmosphere seemed to offer. The Al Pastor tacos where very greasy, the pork was tough and chewy, and it lacked browning which helps give Al Pastor such good flavor. The bacon on the taco’s was very low quality, very thin, and dry like something you would expect to see on a buffet at a cheap hotel or from a jar of bacon bits. Maybe some people like their bacon like that, but to me it was like eating rocks.

Besides the quality of the food we still enjoyed the experience and even got to try some of the coffee from the little Cuban coffee shop behind Taco Xpress. I would recommend trying their restroom which is my new favorite bathroom in Austin. Going to the restroom at Taco Xpress was like going to Vegas as far as my senses new. The stalls were made from pieces of old home’s and shutters and the memorabilia and decor was fun and inviting. The restaurant and bathroom were all very clean even though we went for lunch at 12:00 noon on a Saturday.

I would recommend going to Taco Xpress but think about your trip and the food like you are going to watch a mediocre band plan but they have a lot of cool stage props which makes for a good show. You can expect a fun, entertaining, creatively decorated restaurant with only decent food. I can see why Taco Xpress is an Austin favorite but I think there are way better taco’s in town.

We went on a Saturday and there was a pretty good live band outside on the patio. We thought that the inside dining room was a little dark. The food was pretty good and we had a good time. We also noticed that they give back to the community by hosting events and providing free entertainment.