Pigeon breast wrapped in bacon

Cooking Time:


  • Pigeon breast
  • Bacon


If the sheer availability of game such as venison, pigeon, wild duck, and goose, during the colder months doesn’t inspire you to get outside and keep cooking, then hopefully these recipes will.

Pigeon breast wrapped in bacon

These beautiful plump wild pigeon breasts were seasoned with coarse sea salt and freshly ground black pepper. Then wrapped with good quality back or streaky bacon.

Cook these gorgeous little meaty nuggets for 3/4 minutes a side on a medium-hot charcoal grill until the bacon had crisped up, but not so much as to overcook the pigeon.

These timings worked out perfectly, with crisp bacon, and juicy pigeon breast served perfectly pink.

A good game dealer or butcher should be able to acquire pigeon for you.