House Park BBQ

I highly recommend House Park BBQ. It is fast cheap and pretty good BBQ. We love a good Texas barbecue joint that is rich in tradition. House PARK BBQ is a total dive which is part of its appeal. It has been in the little shopping center on 12th and Lamar next door to Flora and Fauna and the Tavern for over 30 years. They are only open for lunch. During our visit we tried both the brisket and the sausage. Both were good, but the sausage in combination with their BBQ sauce is very special and we will be back for more. The lunch was also very affordable, which my wallet appreciates. Oh yeah, bring cash! House Park Bar-B-Que doesn’t accept anything else.

I really envy any restaurant that is only open for lunch. That shows me that the owner really appreciates life and has probably found a really good balance between his work and personal life. I envy this because there are so many restaurants in Austin trying to make it happen and I know how difficult and how much pressure there is to be successful and here is House Park BBQ who is able to just open for lunch. That also says something about the BBQ because lunch is always busy at House Park BBQ.

The slogan on the sign is great. It is short, sweet, and to the point “You don’t need no teeth to eat our beef.”

We recommend visiting House Park BBQ for lunch and shopping locally with the great little shops in the shopping center there.

House Park Barbecue
900 West 12th Street
(512) 472-9621