Gueros South Congress (thumbs way way up)

Gueros has been one of our favorites for years. Everything on the menu is dependably excellent. Gueros is a great place to take a date, family or friends. There is seating outdoors, a private party area and a courtyard for parties and live music. Gueros also has really good Margaritas. There Margaritas may look puny in the little glass they are served in but they really pack a punch. The open kitchen atmosphere of Gueros makes the experience even better. You can smell all of the great food being prepared and if you sit at the taco bar you can even watch the food being prepared. Gueros must treat their employees pretty well because I usually see a lot of the same wait staff people every time I visit. The food is always delivered promptly and the wait staff is always very courteous and on top of their tables.

I recommend anything on Guero’s menu but my favorite must be the El Presedente. This is a huge dinner so be sure you’re hungry when you order this treat. I also love Guero’s Enchiladas with Salsa Fresca which is a sour cream and avocado sauce. But be sure to order dessert when you visit. Gueros has an ice cream and praline with a brandy sauce that is absolutely killer.