Expensive but tasty Italian restaurant in the Domain

Ditch Your Low-Carb Diet for North Italia

I do my best to eat healthily. The only problem– food is my favorite thing in the whole wide world. Not one but two ex-boyfriends have told me (with something bordering on concern) that they’ve never met someone who liked eating as much as I do.

When I find a new restaurant that I like, I let my inner glutton go wild. The most recent place I’ve eaten myself into a food coma is North Italia.

By the way, I’ve always heard the restaurant called “North,” but their website repeatedly calls the restaurant “North Italia” so that’s what I’m going with in this review. (They probably changed it because someone in their marketing department realized that “North” is completely un-Google-able.)

North Italia

The pasta at North Italia is fantastic and made from scratch every day. I can say with confidence that their Strozzapreti is my favorite pasta dish in Austin. Chicken, roasted mushrooms, spinach, toasted pine nuts, and parmesan cream on top of hand-rolled pasta? It is a REVELATION.

North Italia

Other dishes I can recommend at North Italia:

  • Heirloom Beet Salad – Very light and summery. Great if you’re watching your weight. Add chicken or you’ll be hungry in an hour.
  • Funghi Pizza – Delicious mushroom and cheese pizza. I really like the crust, which is handmade by the chefs on a daily basis.
  • Crisp Calamari – It’s lightly breaded and comes with a hearty helping of arugula so you can pretend you’re eating a salad.

North Italia isn’t cheap. Even if you go at lunch, you’re going to spend at least $15 on pizza or pasta. But it is, without fail, delicious. I’d recommend it if you’re celebrating something (a promotion, an anniversary) or for a girls’ night out.

North Italia Website