Eating my way through San Francisco

A couple of months ago I spent a few days wandering through San Francisco. In need of a creative kick-start and a little adventure, this foodie city was the perfect place to explore. I loved everything about the trip. I shopped at a farmer’s market with a view of the Golden Gate Bridge and sat at the counter at an amazing seafood restaurant in Little Italy watching every dish ordered be prepared. I had lunch with a man I met on the streets of China Town and listened to the story of how he came to the US and about the 30 years he had spent living in China Town. I bought fortune cookies made before my eyes and a tiffin box for my collection. I spent hours in coffee shops eating my weight in croissants and met a quiche that ruined me for all other attempts at the dish. I watched the sun go down from a boat on the San Francisco Bay and sailed under the cities iconic bridges.  I read, I wrote, and I walked until I could not consider another step. Soul refreshed.

Here is the thing about seeking out adventure- it’s never over.  It just leads us to thenext place we are supposed to be. San Francisco was amazing and just what I needed, but crossing some of those things off my list just made room for more. When I got home, I knew I had to try to make Bi-Rite’s famous salted caramel ice cream and see if I could make Tartine’s quiche a part of my life. One down…one to go! One down…I should really make a list!

Culinary Adventures (or probably mis-adventures!)

Salted caramel ice cream from scratch (First batch of caramel went down the sink. And by “went” I mean painfully scrapped and scrubbed.)
Make spinach and smoked gruyere quiche
Learn to make croissants
Cook all the recipes from Like Water for Chocolate
Master sandwich bread
Take a cooking class in India
Eat beignets in New Orleans
Can my own pickles
Eat a Hot Dog on the streets of New York City
Make mozzarella
Eat Memphis barbecue
Pick up a magazine with a gorgeous cover recipe, buy all the ingredients immediately, go home and make it.
Give up soda
Make homemade pasta
Go to the Food and Wine Fest at Epcot in Walt Disney World
Buy a local cookbook in every new city I visit
Consistently eat seasonally (and more organic)


What’s on your list of things to eat, recipes to master, and things to embrace?