Pasta in a BBQ World

Pasta is the main ingredient of many Italian dishes among the best known in the world, such as Carbonara or Amatriciana, second for fame perhaps only to Pizza. It is therefore likely that you happened to try to cook it at home and I firmly believe that moving your gaze away from the pot of boiling water to turn it over the window, on the kettle that rests in your garden, you have had the feeling of two worlds that you could not perceive as more distant.

In truth, there is a method to cook pasta that is very fashionable in Italy especially in recent years, called “pasta risottata”, or “to cook pasta as if it were a risotto”. When the barbecue phenomenon has exploded also from us, the numerous purists of this hobby, those who would prepare even coffee on the grill, have made an almost automatic association between this technique and one of the accessories that in those years we began to see with increasing frequency on the shelves of the barbecue stores: the cast iron wok.

Pigeon breast wrapped in bacon

Cooking Time:


  • Pigeon breast
  • Bacon


If the sheer availability of game such as venison, pigeon, wild duck, and goose, during the colder months doesn’t inspire you to get outside and keep cooking, then hopefully these recipes will.

Pigeon breast wrapped in bacon

These beautiful plump wild pigeon breasts were seasoned with coarse sea salt and freshly ground black pepper. Then wrapped with good quality back or streaky bacon.

Cook these gorgeous little meaty nuggets for 3/4 minutes a side on a medium-hot charcoal grill until the bacon had crisped up, but not so much as to overcook the pigeon.

These timings worked out perfectly, with crisp bacon, and juicy pigeon breast served perfectly pink.

A good game dealer or butcher should be able to acquire pigeon for you.

Punch Bowl Social – review

A disappointing bar/restaurant with bowling, karaoke, and other games.

Austin isn’t a perfect place. The three most common complaints I hear about Austin is that it’s overcrowded, pretentious, and expensive. While I’m not sure I’d agree with any of those adjectives for the city as a whole, they do describe Punch Bowl Social pretty well.

Recipe: Crab Filled Avocado Tapas

Tapas. This food is the star of Spain’s nightlife. The way that Spaniards eat and drink are very busy and is simply an overload in flavors. I personally don’t know what tapas are before and how you are supposed to eat it. In some places or countries, tapas are this little snacks somewhat like an appetizer for the meal. But tapas are more like a tradition, a way of living in Spain. Basically, tapas are small portions of food that is served together with your drinks in the bar. You can also order big servings of tapas which are called Raciones.