Fabi & Rosi

509 Hearn Street
Austin, TX 78703
Phone: (512) 236-0642
Website: www.fabiandrosi.com
Hours: Mon.-Fri. 5-10 p.m., Sat. 6-11 p.m., Sun. 5-9 p.m.

Nestled among the quiet, wooded streets of the Enfield area is a hidden gem called Fabi & Rosi. This charming restaurant housed in a cozy revamped bungalow is quite literally the marriage of owners Wolfgang Marber (a chef from Germany) and Cassie Williamson (a native Austinite). The result of this union is a cozy yet modern eatery that merges local sourcing, traditional European comfort food, and a hip Austin twist.

We visited on a recent Thursday night. We started our meal off with the artisanal cheese board and a refreshing bottle of Sancerre. The cheese board featured creamy sottocenere and brie options, a sturdy and rich manchego, a potent valdeon, roasted nuts, and a tangy side of preserves.

We paired this with the escargot, which arrived with a generous crust atop perfectly cooked snails swimming in garlicky herbed butter. The escargot were delicate and delicious.

We moved from our starters to our main courses. We started with the Countryside Farm Poussin, a roasted young chicken served with garlic potato mash, carrots, and pan jus. The chicken skin was crispy and well seasoned, while the inside was rich and dark. The jus was flavorful, and it provided a delicious addition to the creamy garlic mash. The carrots were more of an afterthought, and were a bit undercooked, but the dish on the whole was very tasty and well prepared.

Because the Schnitzel + Spatzle was sadly sold out, we next oped for Jager Schnitzel, and we were not at all disappointed with our choice. The meat was pounded until thin and tender, lightly breaded, and fried until golden.

Finally, we sampled the rockfish, which was served with an heirloom tomato ragout and potato nest. The dish was beautifully presented. The rockfish was flaky and flavorful, and the tangy, tart ragout was a wonderful complement.

Fabi & Rosi serves homey food with a skilled hand and a dash of hipness. The place itself epitomizes the successful marriage of Old World and Austin modern with its historic bungalow exterior, and interior rich with sparkling trendy chandeliers reminiscent of bubbles, white mod chairs and leather banquettes, down to a festooned albino deer on the walls.
This is a place that produces serious food with respectful homages to the Old World, but with a taste of whimsy and modern flair that makes it quirky and unique. The result is a beautiful, sparkling space that encourages romance, whispered conversations, and return visits. Fabi & Rosi is shockingly affordable, unexpectedly homey, and downright tasty.

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